Traditional Kitchens



Traditional cabinets is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. No wonder: a traditional kitchens combines a great look and high functionality. The materials and things used in this type of the design are only natural. the colors used are also natural and please the eye of the owner. However, there can be various alternatives and variations as in any other design type, and it’s up to you to make the right choice which will help you to have the kitchen you always wanted.

The necessary elements:

- new cabinets or just new cabinet doors

- tiling of wood or stone

- materials with which you’ll cover the counters - marble, concrete or stone

- hanging lamps or track lighting

- sunk lights on the ceiling

- lamps which will be placed under the cabinets

- dustsheets, paint and paint brushes

A walnut satin finish of traditional kitchen cabinetry gives a highly traditional feel and look, even though it involves a number of trendy décor elements and kitchen appliances, including a built-in cooker and a practical air extraction device that matches the overall traditional design in terms of color and style!

The dining area is separated here from a prep zone so that nothing could restrict your movements and prevent your family members from getting the most out of their dining experience! This feature makes Traditional style a superb solution for families that appreciate comfort and style at the same time!

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